Sunday, 20 May 2012

BoMo Knitting

Dear future knitter:

I have spent my life telling people that I'm one of those creative arty types without actually having or doing anything to show for it or any actual artistic talent. Last September I had a hit a point in my life when I had finished years and years of education and was looking for the all important job. I was at a low point, and then suddenly came across knitting lessons for beginners in my local area, and went along. I bought some cheap plastic 6mm needles and some pink yarn and began with casting on and the garter stitch and within a few lessons I was suddenly clacking away like an old pro.

I had spent my childhood at my grandmother's in Scotland and watching her knitting my sister and I, toys and clothes, and although I was amazed by her talent I never asked her to teach me, just to make me things, such as my beloved knitted Bagpuss and Paddington Bear. Sadly, she passed away before she could pass on her gifts. Knitting for me came into my life very quickly, that Christmas I made Christmas presents for all the family and suddenly felt a lot closer to my Grandmother and my family past. Also it is the most fun I have ever had, and suddenly I had a hobby and a creative outlet for years of wanting one.

So I have spent the last few months learning new stitching techniques, collecting wool, books, needles, storage boxes and making presents for people. I rarely make anything for myself, the joy is seeing someone else enjoying a home made present, marveling at your rows and rows of tiny loops and learning the new techniques for myself. The other fun section is the shopping. I can spend hours in knitting and fabric shops staring at a million colours and textures of yarn and picturing what it could be woven and tugged into.

I am a believer that anyone and everyone can become a knitter, and that the first steps is to pick up a set of needles and get going. You Tube is a brilliant resource for knitting, I learnt a lot of my skills from a basic video and the tips off other crafty knitters.

It is now my dream to build this love of wool, into a future for myself, and it all begins here with my little blog and BoMo Knitting. Which is a word for the type of knitter I am and the type of knitters coming into the woolly limelight, Bohemian-Modern Knitting.

I will show you what I'm working on, what hasn't worked, what I'm getting requested to make, my failures and triumphs and I will record them all here in the hope that someday my dreams of knitting full time will come true! needles crossed.

Happy Knitting,

BoMo Knitting