Saturday, 10 August 2013

Super Super Knitted Man

Hi There
As you can probably tell I love making gifts for people. Especially toys for children. I like to look for new toys to make all the time which means that I am constantly looking for books and magazines with toys in them. I get a kick out of making something cute or amusing.
A long time ago my Grandma used to make toys too. I had a clown that she had sewn and my favourite knitted pink and white Bagpuss. I also remember a scarecrow which was very detailed with a tiny snail on his shoe. This pattern I have discovered is by Jean Greenhowe. Jean has published lots of pattern booklets with toys galore for children and adults. I bought one of her booklets a long time ago now from a fair. They aren't modern looking toys like the animals and the jester I made recently, but there is something about them. They are so simple and remind me of something my Grandma would have made.
I have 2 booklets now (the collector in me can't help it!) I have Little Gift Dolls and Fabulous Fun Knits. I have made 2 of these dolls with a lot of time passing in the meantime. I have made both using the Little Gift Dolls. The first I made was a Bride in 2012 as a gift for my flowergirl at my wedding. I made it using sparkly white wool and as my wedding was blue she had blue knitted flowers. The best part of this doll and a little change to the pattern was that I change colours to a bright pink halfway up her legs to make bright pink knickers. Just a touch of personality, but I have been told since by my flowergirl's parents that the doll was turned upside down to check if there were knickers!
I recently re-discovered this booklet when I was looking for a gift for my cousin's son in America. I have previously made him a bear when he was born which was a success, he is now just about 8 months old, so I decided to make him something different. The size of these dolls are really good for small hands and they are very solid so there aren't any small pieces that can be swallowed.
I made him Superman. But not Superman with an S but with a D for his first name. I used a gorgeous bright cobalt blue for his body and arms, which is an unusual wool as it has what can only be described as little bobbles twisted into the wool and do an unusual texture. You have to knit very loosely with it, (which is hard for me as I am a tight knitter and regularly bend my needles).
I changed the pattern again slightly giving him a large D motif on his chest and on his cape outlined in gold thread. It was such a quick and simple make but I was happy with the character of the doll when I had finished and think it looks really fun.
I sent it to America with my parents who have gone to my cousins wedding which is actually today. So I send my congratulations to them and hoped he liked his Superman.
The other booklet I bought recently is Fabulous Fun Knits and has a mermaid in it that I am dying to make. It also a knitters paradise island ornament with yarn that grows on trees. This will have to be made and is something I think all knitters would appreciate! I am still on the lookout for Jean's scarecrow my Grandma made and will keep hunting to follow in her footsteps.
Lots of love
Bomo Knitting