Monday, 11 June 2012

Jubilee Bunting!!

Hello fellow knitters,

For the past few weeks the whole of Britain have become obsessed with red, white and blue and Jubilee fever has swept across the land. Apart from the lovely four days off we all received, the street parties, and of course the Queen, people also went a bit mad with bunting. This inspired to make my own bunting, and by make I of course mean knit!

Knitted bunting is quite a fashionable and kitsch thing to do and takes you back to the old times gone by where communities worked together and women wore house coats to do the cleaning. It is such an easy and colourful way to make a statement, get people knitting and contributing together and showcasing your skills and different yarns.

But I digress, knitted bunting is one of the first patterns I learnt when I first began knitting and it is a brilliantly simple way of learning to increase a row. 

First of all the pattern: 
You complete the bunting in Garter stitch (or knit stitch), the reason you do this is because the Garter stitch is a sturdy one that can hold a shape like this. If you used Stocking Stitch it would curl at the ends, however you could use stocking stitch for the majority but would have to border the flag with Garter or Moss stitch to make sure it keeps its shape.

You will need:
Kneedles size 4
Size 4 wool in any colour you like, I chose red, white and blue (of course!)
Ribbon as long as you need it
Sewing needle and thread
Decorative items- any buttons, sequins, ribbons you have lying around.

1) CO 3 Sts 
2) Knit 2 rows
3) increase the first and last stitch of row 3 ( to get 5 stitches)
repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have the size of bunting required, I aim for 29-31 depending on the wool.

See, told you it was easy I can make a bunting flag in about 1 hour- 90 minutes. Once you have the first few rows down you can move easily between each rows increasing every third row, and with it being a knit stitch it is easy to gain speed.

Once your triangles are finished you can attach them to ribbon using you sewing needle in a running stitch, I also then sew a stitch into the middle of the flag to the ribbon for extra security. Then decorate them, or go bare, I used buttons, beads, and ( very basic) embroidery and a string of pearls I had kept off my wedding cake (never through away anything decorative it will always come in handy!).

I made them as a gift for my Mother for her Jubilee party and I have to admit they did look pretty good.

Here is my jubilee bunting, I've used red, white and blue for the jubilee theme, and attached it to silk red polka dot ribbon. I attached a string of pearls to one (for the Queen), a ribbon rossette, buttons and an embroidered crown. The rosette worked really well and I will show you how to make a rose out of ribbon as it is such a quick and easy way to decorate knitted gifts.

Bunting can be used for so many things, imagine it as decoration at Christmas in red and green with gold motifs, or for a baby's room with their name written on it (for that you would have to use stocking stitch). They're also a great gift for birthdays and parties.
I'm mad about bunting! nearly as much as I am about knitting!!!

Happy Knitting!!

BoMo Knitting