Monday, 4 February 2013

The Travelling Ted

Hi there!

So far I haven't kept to my previous resolutions that I would update my blog more. But things have been so busy and I have been drowning under one project which has taken up all my spare time but more on that later. This is a happy project. The story of a Travelling Ted. 
A few months ago I continued my love of knitted toys, this one in particular was a very species teddy as it was for my cousin's new beautiful baby boy. My family is a very modern family and members of my family live all over the world. So when I heard that my cousin and his fiancĂ©e in America were having a baby,
I wanted to make something for him that he could keep and would be a little different. I thought a very English looking teddy bear would be perfect
I have made other Laura Long patterns for knitted animals in the past as the always look so cute and and child friendly.
I made one of the three bears from her book "Knitted Toy Tales"

I bought the wool from a new wool shop in Manchester called Purl City Yarns. I'm always looking for new shops everywhere I go and this one is a really lovely little shop with a great selection of wool and really helpful staff. they do all sorts of classes and I am hoping to join their sock making class but the places book up really quick! They also explained the true meaning of DK to me and explained that when making a toy DK would be the best. I always like to learn something new from other knitters. 
I chose a soft baby Italian wool in a pale brown caramel colour. Its a really lovely creamy brown colour and is easy to knit with.
The pattern itself was really easy and really rewarding as it can be knitted very quickly and I really enjoyed making it. I made it on my favourite 4mm needles and instead of using buttons I stitched the eyes on using a thin black yarn. I added little extras with a cute belly button and stitched some claws on all of the paws.
The thing I like about the bear is the face, you knit the nose separately and then attach it to the head which gives the bear a really attractive face and I think it is a better bear than some of the other patterns I have seen as it is has a more traditional quality. To finish the bear I made a red and white scarf to add to the 'English' bear idea. The scarf is made in garter stitch and is the smallest scarf I have ever made with tassled edges because ever since I made tassles for the Rug I made I do so enjoy adding them where I can.

The bear is a travelling bear as he was packed up into a shoebox and posted all the way to California. I tracked his progress as he travelled and put through customs. I have since heard that he got to his destination unscathed and is a loved addition to a home which I think is every knitters dream that what they make is appreciated especially by a child. I still have my handmade toys from my grandparents and other relatives, so I hope the Travelling Ted will be around to watch my cousin's beautiful boy grow up.

He was finished for a long time and was sat in my house and I do miss the teddy. I will definitely make more in the future and would recommend the pattern. The Ted made it to America before I did as I am still yet to visit the sunshine of California.

Lots of love
Bomo Knitting


  1. He is gorgeous.

  2. He's lovely and I'm sure he'll be well loved

  3. He looks full of personality and looking forward to his new adventures!
    Wendy x

  4. Thanks everyone. He is cute i do miss him. I'm sorry for the lopsided photos I am having some technology problems at the moment! :) xx

  5. A very friendly, traditional bear, Jo x

  6. He's a cutie, I hope your techi problems sort themselves out :)

    Jan x